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Give the Gift of Cleanliness and Serenity

Experience the ultimate gift that speaks volumes of care and thoughtfulness – a Serenity Clean Gift Card. Perfect for any occasion, our gift cards offer a unique opportunity to present your loved ones with a clean, refreshed, and serene living environment. Based in Ohio, Serenity Clean is renowned for providing top-notch home cleaning services that cater to a variety of needs, ensuring every corner and cranny of the home shines. Whether it’s for a special celebration, a thoughtful gesture for new homeowners, or a helping hand for busy friends and family, a Serenity Clean Gift Card is a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Why Choose a Serenity Clean Gift Card?

In a world cluttered with material gifts that often end up forgotten, a Serenity Clean Gift Card stands out as a thoughtful, practical, and transformative present. Whether for a special occasion, a gesture of appreciation, or simply to lighten someone’s load, this gift card offers something priceless: time, tranquility, and a sparkling clean space. Here’s why our gift card is the perfect choice for any occasion.

1. The Gift of Time: Time is our most precious commodity, and yet, it’s often in short supply. A Serenity Clean Gift Card gives your loved ones a break from the time-consuming task of home cleaning, granting them extra hours to enjoy life’s pleasures. Whether it’s more family time, moments of relaxation, or pursuing hobbies, this gift makes it all possible.

2. A Stress-Free Solution: Let’s face it, maintaining a clean home amidst our busy lives can be a source of stress. The gift of a professional cleaning service not only ensures a pristine living environment but also eliminates the worry and effort of doing it themselves. It’s a thoughtful way to reduce someone’s stress and enhance their well-being.

3. Tailored Cleaning Experience: Every home is unique, and so are its cleaning needs. Serenity Clean prides itself on offering personalized cleaning services tailored to the specific preferences and requirements of the recipient. This bespoke approach ensures that the gift you’re giving perfectly matches what your loved one needs and values.

4. Eco-Friendly and Safe: In today’s environmentally conscious world, a gift that respects the planet is more meaningful than ever. Serenity Clean uses eco-friendly cleaning products that are effective and safe for both the home and the environment. This thoughtful touch shows care not only for the recipient but also for their health and the health of our planet.

5. Perfect for Any Occasion: A Serenity Clean Gift Card is versatile, making it the perfect gift for a wide range of occasions – from housewarmings to birthdays, anniversaries to Mother’s Day, or even as a thoughtful gesture for a friend in need. It’s a unique and appreciated gift for anyone in your life.

6. Easy to Purchase and Redeem: Convenience is key, both for the giver and the receiver. Our gift cards are easy to purchase, customize with a personal message, and send either instantly via email or at a scheduled time. Redeeming the gift card is just as simple, with our friendly customer service team ready to assist in scheduling a cleaning session at the recipient’s convenience.

7. A Lasting Impact: Unlike traditional gifts that may fade or become outdated, the impact of a Serenity Clean Gift Card lasts far beyond the cleaning session. The memory of stepping into a freshly cleaned, serene living space, free of the burden of household chores, is a feeling that stays with the recipient, making it a truly memorable gift.

Who Would Love a Serenity Clean Gift Card?

By choosing a Serenity Clean gift certificate for cleaning services, you have the freedom to offer any level of cleaning support desired, be it daily, weekly, occasionally, or for one-off events, complete with a space for a personal note. This thoughtful gesture of gifting a clean home is guaranteed to brighten someone’s day. A Serenity Clean gift certificate does more than just present a tidy home; it gives invaluable time back to the recipient—time that can be spent enjoying hobbies, unwinding, or cherishing moments with loved ones.

Who would value receiving a Serenity Clean cleaning service gift certificate?

  • The Busy Professionals
  • New Parents
  • Homeowners Selling Their Property
  • Friends or Family Moving to a New Home
  • Seniors
  • Anyone Deserving a Break
  • Those Recovering from Illness or Surgery
  • Your Significant Other

How It Works

Embarking on your journey with Serenity Clean is a straightforward process designed with your convenience and satisfaction in mind. From the initial inquiry to the sparkling results, here’s a step-by-step guide on how our cleaning gift cards transforms your home and simplifies your life.

Purchase with Ease: Select the value of your gift card right from our website or over the phone. Our team is here to assist you with any questions and make the purchase process smooth and effortless.

Personalize Your Gift: Add a personal message to accompany your gift card, making your gift even more special and heartfelt.

Instant or Scheduled Delivery: Choose to have the gift card delivered instantly via email or schedule a future delivery date to surprise your loved one on the special day.

Redemption: The recipient can easily redeem their Serenity Clean Gift Card by contacting our friendly customer service team, who will assist in scheduling the perfect cleaning service.

Gift a Serenity Clean Experience Today

Ready to make someone’s day brighter and cleaner? Purchase a Serenity Clean Gift Card and give the gift of a serene, immaculate living space. It’s more than just a cleaning service; it’s an experience of relaxation, well-being, and joy. Visit our website or contact us to buy a gift card and start spreading smiles across Ohio with the pristine touch of Serenity Clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our work is 200% guaranteed. If you're ever not satisfied with any area of our cleaning, let us know within 24 hours and we will come back out to Make It Right! If you're still not satisfied after that, we will issue you a refund. We are 200% dedicated to giving an outstanding experience, and if we ever fail to deliver that, we Make It Right! 🙂

Yes we are fully insured, bonded and covered for both liability and workmans compensation insurance. Having a fully insured cleaning service is critical to you and your homes protection. Cleaning services that use contractors are not required to carry workmans compensation insurance which puts you at risk of being sued if someone is hurt in your home. At Serenity Clean, we are a non-contractor, W2 employer that is required to carry workmans compensation insurance, so you never have to worry about being at risk with us!

Yes, all of our Team Members are vetted W2 employees that are background checked, bonded, insured, and trained to clean every home The Serenity Way. 

The Serenity Way is our systematic method of cleaning a home. We follow the walls of each home from door to door, ceiling to floor, and everything in-between! The most important step in our process is double checking our work at the end to ensure everything was cleaned!

Yes, each Team carries the best supplies and equipment in the industry. However, we are happy to use your products or equipment upon request and prefer to use a clients vacuum when available! 

Yes, we only use the best non-toxic green cleaning products, including our very own multi-surface cleaner Serenity Spice™, powered by organic essential oils and all natural surfactants.

We guarantee that any Serenity Clean team is trained to clean every home The Serenity Way. Our systems for service and training provide a consistent cleaning experience every time.  While we strive to send the same teams to your home, given the amount of moving parts in our schedule, we cannot guarantee the same teams each visit. In addition to that, all of our work is backed by our 200% Make It Right Guarantee.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a cleaning service for your home:

Determine your needs: Before you start looking for a cleaning service, think about what specific tasks you need done in your home. Do you need regular maintenance cleaning, or are you looking for a deep cleaning service? Make a list of the tasks you would like the cleaning service to perform.

Research different options: Look for cleaning services in your area and research their services and pricing. Read online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family.

Check their credentials: Make sure the cleaning service is properly licensed, insured, and bonded. This will protect you in case of any accidents or damages that may occur while they are cleaning your home.

Schedule an estimate: Before you make a final decision, schedule an in-home estimate. This will allow you to meet with the cleaning service in person, discuss your needs and ask any questions you may have. It will also give the cleaning service a chance to see the scope of the work and give you an accurate estimate.

Consider the cost: Compare the cost of different cleaning services and make sure it fits within your budget. Don't forget to factor in the cost of any additional services or supplies that may be needed.

Communication and flexibility: Make sure the cleaning service is responsive to your needs and willing to be flexible with scheduling. Clear communication can prevent any confusion or issues in the future.

Look for a service that uses eco-friendly products: It's good to consider a cleaning service that uses eco-friendly cleaning products. It's not only good for the environment but also for your health. 

When in doubt, trust Serenity Cleaning. We check all these boxes and then some.

A cleaning service and a housekeeper both provide cleaning and tidying services for your home, but they differ in the scope of their responsibilities and the level of service they provide.

A cleaning service is a company or organization that provides cleaning services for homes and businesses. They typically offer a wide range of services, such as regular maintenance cleaning, deep cleaning, and specialty cleaning services. They may send different teams of cleaners to a home each time or the same cleaner may come each time.

A housekeeper, on the other hand, is an individual who is hired to take care of all the cleaning and maintenance needs of a home. A housekeeper typically works on a long-term basis, coming to the home on a regular schedule to perform tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and ironing, and also may have some tasks as cooking, grocery shopping, childcare, and managing appointments. They may also assist with running errands, scheduling appointments, and coordinating other household tasks. Housekeepers are often considered more personal and may be more involved in the overall organization of the household.

In summary, a cleaning service is a business that provides cleaning services, while a housekeeper is an individual who is hired to take care of all the cleaning and maintenance needs of a home on a regular basis and may have additional responsibilities.

You should consider hiring professional house cleaning services in the following situations:

When you are too busy to clean: If you have a busy schedule and cannot find the time to keep your home as clean as you would like, a professional cleaning service can help. They can take care of the cleaning tasks while you focus on other things.

When you are moving in or out of a home: Moving can be a stressful and time-consuming process, and a professional cleaning service can help make it easier. They can deep clean the home before you move in or after you move out, leaving it in top condition for the next occupants.

When you need a deep clean: If your home has not been cleaned in a while, or if you need to get rid of tough stains or grime, a professional cleaning service can help. They have the tools, equipment, and expertise to deep clean your home and make it look like new.

When you are hosting an event: If you are planning to host a special event, such as a party or a family gathering, a professional cleaning service can help make sure your home is spotless before and after the event.

When you have a health condition: If you or someone in your household has a health condition that makes it difficult to clean, such as allergies, asthma, or mobility issues, a professional cleaning service can help.

When you are expecting a baby: If you are expecting a baby, having a professional cleaning service can help you keep your home clean and organized, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your newborn.

Hiring a professional house cleaning service can save you time and effort, and ensure that your home is clean and comfortable. 

Cleaning your home is important for several reasons:

Health and hygiene: A clean home helps to maintain good health and hygiene. Dust, dirt, and allergens can accumulate in a dirty home and can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues. A clean home reduces the risk of illness and infection.

Safety: A clean home is a safer home. Cluttered and dirty homes are more likely to have accidents, such as slips, trips and falls. Cleaning and organizing your home can help reduce the risk of accidents.

Mental well-being: A clean and organized home can have a positive impact on your mental well-being. Living in a cluttered and dirty environment can cause stress and anxiety. A clean home can help you feel more relaxed and calm.

Social life: A clean home is more inviting and comfortable for guests. It can also be a source of pride and self-esteem. Having friends and family over for dinner or a party is more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about the state of your home.

Home value: A clean and well-maintained home is more likely to retain its value over time. It can also make it easier to sell or rent your home in the future.

Energy efficiency: A clean home can also be more energy efficient. Dust and debris can accumulate in air filters, ducts and vents which will decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Pest control: Regular cleaning can help keep pests such as cockroaches, ants, and mice at bay. Pests are attracted to food crumbs, dirty dishes, and cluttered environments.

In summary, cleaning your home is important for maintaining good health, safety, mental well-being, social life, home value, energy efficiency and pest control. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help ensure that your home is a comfortable and safe place to live.

If you don't have time to maintain your own space, trust Serenity Cleaning to carry the burden for you.

The term "maid" has been used to refer to a female domestic worker for many years, but its use can be considered derogatory by some people because it can be associated with a history of class and racial discrimination, and the idea of a maid being subservient to their employer. Many people consider "maid" a term that carries a connotation of inferiority, and it can be considered an outdated and insensitive term.

In recent years, many people have started to use more neutral or respectful terms such as "cleaner" to refer to individuals who provide cleaning and other household services, as a way to avoid using a term that may be considered derogatory.

It is important to be aware of how language can impact people and to be sensitive to how the words we use may be received by others. Using neutral or respectful language can help to create a more inclusive and respectful environment for everyone.

The only form of payment we accept is debit or credit card. Payments for service are automatically processed only after service is complete. We use a secure payment processing system that meets the highest level of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance to keep your card information safe and secure.